Grinding Industrial and Trading Ltd.

Sphere of activity: iron-free fine grinding, screening and deironing (magnetization)

Our company primarily deals with wage-grinding, but we also produce final products from purchased raw material. 

Fine grinding is the grinding of materials under 0.3 mm.

In some specific usage areas, iron entered during grinding causes problems because it contaminates the final product. 

Taking into consideration this problem we established our technological system.

We use ceramics and rubber-sheathed ball-grinders (3 pieces). We perform the grinding of raw materials by ceramic balls or by its own, larger coarse material, so called autogenous grinding, by dry method. 

By this solution we eliminate the possibility of contaminating iron getting into the material during grinding. 

During ceramic ball grinding the dimension of the fed raw material is max. 3 mm, and 100-120 mm for autogeneus grinding

The dust extractor conduits are also iron-free, so the dusts exhausted and separated during grinding-grading can also be used, and they are not waste materials. 

The material discharged from the ball-grinder is sieved through the appropriate screen to specified ranged fractions, according to the requirement of the customer.

The minimum separation possibility by the segregator is 45 microns; by screen it is 75 microns

The typical produced sizes were the following for the time being: 

  • 0-0,075 mm

  • 0-0,1 mm

  • 0-0,12 mm, 0-0,15 mm

  • 0-0,2 mm, 0-0,3 mm

  • 0,1-0,2 mm, 
    0,12-0,25 mm, 0,2 - 0,3 mm. 

We pack the final product according to the requirement of the customer.

Recently we have integrated in the technological line the actual strongest magnet, the so called NeFeB magnet by the help of which we can eliminate the iron contamination from the raw material to be grinded, thus the final product will be iron-free. 

As it can be seen from the above mentioned, we can primarily meet those customer requirements where the final products should be iron-free and the size range is between 0-0,3 mm. 

We have also a small armour-sheathed ball grinder which grinds with steel balls. Due to its dimension it is suitable for grinding small amount of (special) materials. 

By the help of our air-jet mill we can produce products under 75 microns. 

Grinding Industrial and Trading Ltd.

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